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All hunters are required to have a valid Texas hunting license. All deer will be tagged with a MLD Permit. All hunters and guest are required to sign a Hunter’s Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement. Each hunter gets one doe if permits are available. A non-trophy hunter may take a doe for a fee when available. All hunts are one guide per hunter. If blood or any other sign of a hit is drawn the animal is considered taken and the full fee as indicated by the guide is assessed. (The Ranch has access to tracking dogs for a fee to the hunter.) All trophies are measured on site. A Ranch representative is an Official Measurer for the Safari Club International and can assist in getting your trophy in the SCI Record Book. A typical 3 day hunt will have staff picking hunters up at the San Angelo Regional Airport (25 minutes from the Ranch) or if driving we will meet you at a convenient location and take you to the ranch after stopping for the hunter’s conveniences. The bunkhouse lodging is the old original ranch house and sleeps eight. After arriving and settling in you will make sure the guns, bows, or crossbows are sighted in on our gun range. If there is time you will set up in a blind overlooking a feeder and begin the hunt. The next day you will hunt again from blinds with your guide. Once you have taken your trophy your guide will handle the animal and prepare it for taking to your processor. The ranch can assist in taking your trophy to a local processor and/or taxidermist. Hunters are responsible for their trophy once it leaves the ranch. The third morning is reserved for getting your trophy to processor/taxidermist and your departure. Additional days may be discussed. Ask us about our Axis hunts. Axis can be harvested year round (no season on exotics). The owners and staff of Bennett Oak Creek Ranch hope your hunt and stay at the ranch exceeds all expectations. We know the Whitetail Deer will satisfy your Trophy needs and hope the West Texas hospitality does too. The staff works hard to make your stay one to be remembered and gratuities are very much appreciated.


No kill, no pay. We only take the most mature bucks each year. Lodging and meals are available. Contact us for pricing, available dates, or more information.


No kill, no pay. There is no season on Axis. We can hunt for Axis all year. Lodging and meals are available. Contact us for pricing, available dates, or more information.

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